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STEAM Fab Lab & Geektopia Station Projects

February 18, 2020

The STEAM Fab Lab project represents the establishment of a new discovery learning pod at the ESA that supports alignment of core academics and Career and Technology Education (CTE). This renovation will allow ESC-2 to further its mission of empowering learning communities through innovation while also helping schools meet federal and state CTE requirements. Through hands-on instruction by pod facilitators and teachers, the ESA's STEAM Fab Lab will provide innovative project-based learning (PBL) and CTE related experiences that give K-12 students the necessary skills to enter the workforce or continue on the pathway of higher education.

The Geektopia Station project is an expansion of current weekend and summer camp offerings that use technology integration and game-based learning methods to develop students' critical, analytical, and holistic thinking skills. Working with computers, digital cameras, software applications, robotics and automation tools, 3D printers, electronic circuitry, and other types of technology students are introduced to an array of technology gadgets to help them discover the skills needed for careers in the information technology and computer science fields.

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